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The primary task of QuickKey is to launch a specific appliaction when the user presses a system wide keyboard combination (aka shortcut key). To assign keyboard combinations, it has a graphical user interface to modify key combo's / applications.

QuickKey currently supports keyboard combinations with the ctrl, alt, shift and win keys. For now, it does not support keyboard / vendor specific keys, mostly called "Internet keys".

The current features of QuickKey are:
  • Launch a application or document with a hotkey from anywhere within windows
  • Select a window with a hotkey from anywhere within windows
  • Userinterface for editing hotkeys
  • Option to start before shell, so it can replace windows standard hotkeys, like WIN+E
  • Display a tiny popup with the list of applicable keys when pressing a key for a specified time

    See the screenshots to see what QuickKey looks like, or head to the download page to start using QuickKey.

    QuickKey is a application for Windows XP or 2000, created in delphi 6/7.